Writers’ Perennial Porridge Pot

Writers’ Perennial Porridge Pot

Episode 3

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The true history of Scottish Oatcakes is divulged. It appears that they originated in the Six Towns in Staffordshire. The secret of Rosslyn Chapel is explained and the story of the search for the Knight's Templar treasure, its finding and loss is told.


Ros Lunt
by Ros Lunt on
How exciting my husband and I have decided when we are able to travel again out of lockdown we’ll be travelling over the border from England to Scotland with our little caravan and will be purchasing a metal detector ha ha to try and find the hidden treasure, thank you Roger ha ha x

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About this podcast

Writers of the Scottish Inverse-Diaspora (those from the four corners of the world who work or live in Scotland) and Native Scottish Writers share their work and also nuggets of information about the Land, its Arts, Science, Myths, Languages, Scenery, Wildlife and Politics.

by Roger Meachem


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