Writers’ Perennial Porridge Pot

Writers’ Perennial Porridge Pot

Episode 5. Cheddar Gorging

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Rik Gammack reads his short story.

Rik is presently working on a Sci-Fi novel that he is also illustrating. Roger Meachem asks where his ideas spring from and how he plans his writing.

Go to lemontreewriters.co.uk and follow podcasts for the full script of Cheddar Gorging.


Ros Lunt
by Ros Lunt on
Really enjoyed the story but now I know why I don’t like Stilton cheese ha ha, poor mice 🐭🐁
by Brenda on
Loved the story, Rik, and the great sound effects accompanying it. Well done, Roger, for those! I noticed a few blips in the editing where words seemed truncated - not a major issue. Another excellent podcast.
by martin on
Brilliant story - great detail and growing menace, another excellent podcast. It reminded me of a ludicrous Sci Fi film that I saw at least 40 years ago called 'The Blob' or 'Blob' (your story not ludicrous of course). The blob starts out as a kind of jam-coloured amoeba which falls off shelves onto small creatures and absorbs them. It grows larger, moving up eventually to attacking and absorbing unwary human beings before eventually attacking stadia or swimming pools full of people.

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Writers of the Scottish Inverse-Diaspora (those from the four corners of the world who work or live in Scotland) and Native Scottish Writers share their work and also nuggets of information about the Land, its Arts, Science, Myths, Languages, Scenery, Wildlife and Politics.

by Roger Meachem


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