Writers’ Perennial Porridge Pot

Writers’ Perennial Porridge Pot


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In 1967 a cobbled-together Land-Rover is journeying across Africa. This chapter, told from the point of view of Carrie one of four occupants of the vehicle, recounts their meeting on the very edge of the boundless Savannah with a nonchalant Samantha and her broken-down car. crocodiles are mentioned.


by Brenda on
Great work from Martin maintaining that American accent! Why the abrupt end at "three stars for a Michelin restaurant"? Seems like the podcast was cut short. Good sound effects again!

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About this podcast

Writers of the Scottish Inverse-Diaspora (those from the four corners of the world who work or live in Scotland) and Native Scottish Writers share their work and also nuggets of information about the Land, its Arts, Science, Myths, Languages, Scenery, Wildlife and Politics.

by Roger Meachem


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