Writers’ Perennial Porridge Pot

Writers’ Perennial Porridge Pot

Episode 8 - Lockdown Babe

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Brenda Conn's novel-writing aspiration started in her twenties and continues, as yet unfulfilled. Some 80,000 words, from a novel begun in her forties, linger in print-outs, gathering dust, awaiting an ending that may never be written. Now, when inspiration strikes, Brenda concentrates on short stories and poems – these have a much better chance of being finished.

Brenda describes herself as 99% Scottish, though Maths was never her forte. Aberdeen has been her home, apart from a spell in Wales, since arriving at 18 to study English Literature at Aberdeen University. Travels abroad have taken her to many fascinating, far-flung places, most recently, pre-Covid, Japan, Vietnam, and Peru, as well as regular trips to the USA to visit her son.

Brenda’s poetry has appeared in Poetry Now, Pushing Out the Boat, LTW publications Frost on the Tassie and Lemon Zest, and the newly published Doric Poetry Board anthology The Hail Clamjamfry.


by Ann on
This was a story well told from beginning to end, sadly believable, as quite gruesome. I'm saying nothing about the singing.
by martin on
V. powerful dystopian story, well read (and sung). How on earth did you manage to get Boris to contribute?

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